Interessante quotes

June 12, 2007

“He analogizes that to trying to make a movie out of a book. Unless you’re native and taking full advantage of what the medium has to offer, trying to transfer information from one medium to another doesn’t always work.”

“I would not charge for the basic information in the online site. I would charge for premium services that only the site could deliver. I would seek creative revenue sources from partnering with merchants, creating programs that use the unique interactive capabilities of the online medium for their benefit.”

“I’d create products like “How Dangerous is My Neighborhood? or “How Safe is My Child’s School?”

“Sites can be managed to profitability. One part of that is to eliminate the separate staffs and the walls between the online site and the newspaper”

“HBO (…) became a winner by showing the best movies from any and all studios and making all the business deals and production processes invisible to the user, who simply tunes in for a great movie. The AOL News experience is analogous to that.”

Gary Kebbel


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