January 27, 2008

EveryBlock is het nieuwe project van Adrian Holovaty (de man achter ChicagoCrime.org): een constante data-feed georganiseerd volgens lokatie. Bezoekers zien chronologisch, volgens onderwerp of op een map wat er gebeurt in hun buurt “from Flickr updates to restaurant health code inspections”Geotag your posts

Voorlopig alleen beschikbaar in San Francisco, Chicago en New York.

Via GeoRSS.org of Feedburner (voor RSS), Flickr (voor foto’s), Feedmap (voor blogs) ea. maak je zelf geotagged feeds.

Why do it? Geotagging makes your content easier to find by people who are interested.

What is it? Geotagging simply means attaching a location that a computer can understand – say a postcode, or a longitude and latitude pair – to an article.

This opens up the possibility of readers creating their own, personalised websites, solely comprised of news about the communities they care about. Simply supply the postcodes you’re interested in, and the technology selects those stories that match.

Lees meer. En nog meer.


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