OurTown, nieuwe hyperlokale speler

April 11, 2008

OurTown is een nieuwe speler op de Amerikaanse hyperlokale markt.  OurTown vertegenwoordigt 70,000 hyperlokale websites verspreid over de V.S. Op vlak van content werkt OurTown samen met lokale partners en correspondenten. Deze correspondenten houden bijna alle lokale advertentieinkomst, die zij zelf verkopen en veertig procent van de nationale opbrengst.

“We believe that the better a local editor’s site is, the more money he or she or they will make, so the incentive should be to make the site the best it can be.  Some sites will be better than others, though, and we will provide guidance to local editors who need improvement. As an example, we already are providing links to Roy Clark’s writing tips from Poynter.”

“We are offering a free one-year license to the first 1,000 people who qualify and sign up to be local editors.  We encourage them to tell their friends and we extend their license for one month for every local editor that they bring on.  We encourage people to sign up as a team.  One member of the team may be better at posting the news; while the other might be a salesman… husbands and wives, two neighbors, etc.”

“Our model is completely ad supported (including local classified ads) and we believe that a good local editor can make between $45,000 and $60,000 each year once they have built up a regular clientele in their area.  We will continue to sell the national ads, which we will split with the local editor, but the local editor retains all revenue generated by local ads after paying a monthly fee to the company for ad serving. Unlike the daily newspaper that needs to sell the $100,000 ad contract, OurTown editors can sell $100-a-month contracts and create significant income.”

George Blake, Chief News Editor

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