Vijf valkuilen voor lokale advertentiewerving online

January 8, 2009

Dave Chase (ex-Microsoft) brengt vijf valkuilen voor lokale advertentiewerving in kaart.

People who are skilled at managing an existing customer base (“farming”) is a far different talent than “hunters” who know how to find new business. In our experience, many of the newspaper organizations we’ve worked with only have “farmers” that have managed a book of business for a long time. They not only are ignoring 80% to 90% of the advertising market that has been out of the reach of newspapers but they simply have a different skill set than those with capabilities to develop new business.

The aforementioned 80% to 90% of the local advertising market that didn’t advertise regularly in the paper generally is going to spend less per year. With the dramatically lower cost of sale of a telesales organization, one can service a segment of advertisers that previously was out of reach of most local media organizations.

A successful online seller needs to not only know the basics of his or her site (e.g., quantity of visitors, demographic summaries, etc.), but the rep also needs to have data specific to a typical advertiser’s business to calibrate expectations of what a marketer should expect in an online campaign (hint: it’s probably closer to dozens of customers vs. hundreds of new customers). It is vital to use this information to show the advertiser his likely return on investment.

fewer, bigger ads not only perform better but also sell better.

Creating scarcity by only allowing a certain number of advertisers in a particular section creates a sense of urgency that is often absent in online advertising, where inventory seems to be limitless to an advertiser. The deadline of print creates urgency, whereas online is viewed as having no deadline

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