August 13, 2009

Met Verbeterdebuurt kun je nu gemakkelijk problemen in de buurt aankaarten en ideeën plaatsen. Dit komt direct bij de gemeente terecht.

“Verbeterdebuurt helpt mensen om hun buurt te verbeteren. Buurtbewoners kunnen makkelijk en snel hun problemen en ideeën over de buurt plaatsen. Problemen worden direct doorgestuurd naar de gemeente, ideeën worden doorgestuurd bij voldoende steun. Buurtbewoners hoeven dus niet langer op de gemeente website op zoek te gaan naar een telefoonnummer of e-mail, maar kunnen direct hun probleem of idee melden.”

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Uit Times Online: An interesting experiment in hybrid publishing combining new and old has started in the Czech Republic. A chain of coffee shops has been set up in several Czech towns, which are also local newsrooms: customers can surf the web, find help with social networking sites, chat about local events and exchange information with reporters who work in the café.

Uit New York Times: But in its Czech journalism project, PPF has a partner that knows a thing or two about making money on the Web, but one whose relationship with many organizations in the news business seems increasingly fraught: Google. That Internet company has not invested directly in the venture, but it is making its local staff available to help teach PPF journalists how to use tools like Google Maps, Google Translate and YouTube.

Voorbeelden van hyperlokale initiatieven met een verschillende achtergrond. Commercieel, bottom up, vrijwilligers, nationale dekking of unieke lokatie. Hyperlokale media: een groeimarkt in de VS, artikel De Nieuwe Reporter.

NLstreets brengt bijzondere winkels in kaart. Dit kunnen echte ambachtelijke vakmensen zijn, maar ook vooruitstrevende ondernemers met hippe formules. Je kunt zoeken op stad-, straat-, en winkelniveau. Je vindt er niet alleen winkels, maar ook kortingsbonnen, nieuwsitems, speciale producten etcetera. Een gedeelte van de content is redactioneel, maar een steeds groter deel maken de ondernemers . Meer hier.

Een soortgelijk initiatief is SpottedByLocals waar inwoners van een grootstad tips voor bezoekers kunnen achterlaten. Hier gaat het echt om tips van bewoners, en niet van ondernemers.

Dave Chase (ex-Microsoft) brengt vijf valkuilen voor lokale advertentiewerving in kaart.

People who are skilled at managing an existing customer base (“farming”) is a far different talent than “hunters” who know how to find new business. In our experience, many of the newspaper organizations we’ve worked with only have “farmers” that have managed a book of business for a long time. They not only are ignoring 80% to 90% of the advertising market that has been out of the reach of newspapers but they simply have a different skill set than those with capabilities to develop new business.

The aforementioned 80% to 90% of the local advertising market that didn’t advertise regularly in the paper generally is going to spend less per year. With the dramatically lower cost of sale of a telesales organization, one can service a segment of advertisers that previously was out of reach of most local media organizations.

A successful online seller needs to not only know the basics of his or her site (e.g., quantity of visitors, demographic summaries, etc.), but the rep also needs to have data specific to a typical advertiser’s business to calibrate expectations of what a marketer should expect in an online campaign (hint: it’s probably closer to dozens of customers vs. hundreds of new customers). It is vital to use this information to show the advertiser his likely return on investment.

fewer, bigger ads not only perform better but also sell better.

Creating scarcity by only allowing a certain number of advertisers in a particular section creates a sense of urgency that is often absent in online advertising, where inventory seems to be limitless to an advertiser. The deadline of print creates urgency, whereas online is viewed as having no deadline

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Tip voor regiojournalisten

September 18, 2008

Hou Facebook groepen uit je streek in de gaten. Hetzelfde geldt voor Netlog. Typ zeker ook de naam van je gemeente regelmatig in op Youtube., the premiere hyper-local search site in New England, New York City and eastern New York State, has eclipsed the half a million user mark so far this month making it the fastest-growing search site on the internet, according to data compiled by Quantcast (current ranking 3110), the world’s only open internet ratings service. The company expects to reach one million users per month by September, 2008. CitySquares now has more monthly traffic visitors than such brand name sites as:

  • Dunkin’

Ben Saren, CEO of, says this data proves that consumers are finding the value of using a true hyper-local search site. “This kind of organic growth demonstrates that our model works and that we’re addressing a shortcoming in the marketplace. Consumers are finding what they want and businesses are seeing excellent results. We are proud so many businesses refer to us as a trusted online resource.”

Since its launch in 2005, has been providing local businesses with an opportunity to reach out a targeted local online audience through its highly trafficked, consumer-facing website. Businesses are able to fully customize their advertising campaign with SEO tools, content management, content syndication tools, email newsletters, video, offline tools, and much more. Users are able to easily find this content, rate and review businesses and contribute other kinds of content.

The Stage toont RSS-feeds van besprekingen/verslagen van het  Edinburgh Fringe Festival op een Google map. Een verslag van een stuk of optreden wordt zo gelinkt met de plaats waar het vertoond wordt. Een goede manier om het overzicht te houden van de meer dan 1000 optredens in Edinburgh.

The Star-Ledger uit New Jersey, start met dagelijkse online nieuwsshow , de eerste stap in het lanceren van een interactief videoplatform.

“Let’s make one thing perfectly clear from the outset: This is not local TV news,” says John Hassell, the Ledger’s deputy online managing editor.

“This is local video news for the web. It’ll be conversational, interactive and draw constantly on the community of users at [the paper’s website] and bloggers, vloggers and podcasters across New Jersey.”

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Hyperlokale website Everyblock lanceert in twee nieuwe steden. Na Chicago, NY en SF komen ook Charlotte en Philadelphia aan de beurt.

  • Charlotte map will include library information, updating listings with new titles available locally and chart all local 911 calls to the police and ‘significant police events’ in the city.
  • The location of series crimes will charted on the Philadelphia map along with areas mentioned by the local authority’s Streets and Services agenda bodies.
  • Any area of Charlotte mentioned in city council meeting minutes or zoning minutes will be charted on that map.